Enjoy our rub knowing that it is free from MSG and many other common ingredients that can contribute to poor health.


Gluten Free

Not only is our rub gluten free it is also free of other common allergens including: wheat, dairy, egg, corn, and soy (just to name a few).


No Preservatives

Our rubs are especially crafted to not contain preservatives. This means you’re getting the freshest ingredients without the worry of artificial flavors.

The Perfect Blend of Spices

Here's what a customer has to say

I was so tired of having to have several seasonings for every thing I cooked.  One for fish, one for beef, one for pork, and yet another for chicken and my vegetables.  This is when I found Roy’s rub, carefully researched and studied; it has the perfect blend of spices for all meats and vegetables.
Its so universal it even goes well with eggs and potatoes. Its perfect for veal, lamb, venison and all kinds of other fish. It will be the one seasoning that you will always look for and it will replace all others in your spice cupboard.